No More Licking the Wounds?

Political parties (criminal gangs?) are failing and are already losing the little-left trust of the commoners. Yet, chances are still not high for King Gyanendra to return to the throne. It was all because of his blunders, not other outer causes, that he had to abdicate.

He’s already spent years licking his wounds, maybe waiting for the public contempt to wind down. How fortunate this crestfallen dude finally is!  Now time has arrived to such a point where public antagonism against him is record-low whereas it’s at its highest against political cocksuckers. He now could capitalize on this favourable time to amass further public support. Increasing public gatherings during his tours very much prove this. It’s not happening just out of curiosity or sentiment, it’s a real show of support to the former monarch.


Nepalese may have been regretting their decision of dethroning their king 6 years back?!

Let’s wait and see what’ll be of the future. But for now its time to celebrate this unfortunate royalty’s 66th birthday as today is Ashar 23.

Happy 66th Birthday Your Majesty!!!


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