How Baburam Turned Out a Real Fucker

Baburam Bhattarai did a lot of good things. He still is better among other crooked political thugs esp. for his economic agendas/vision.

But he turned out a real motherfucker on these three things of late:

1) The decision to provide state-funded facilities including residence, vehicle, security guards, fuel, private secretariat etc. to former top-job holders such as former prime ministers, ministers, judges etc. These fucking, amoral so called top-job holders only know how to make money by gobbling all the state resources up while they’re in office and also their tenure last no more than a few months, how could they be ‘eligible’ for lifetime facilities funded from the poor taxpayers’ money?! This is just outrageous. Baburam, go suck off your own dick.

2) Government’s failure to provide much-needed chemical fertilizer to peasants in this rice-planting time.This is a naked show of gross disregard and maladministration from Baburam Bhattarai’s government to the plight of farmers and peasants. Nothing from Bhattarai’s government will ever compensate for this loss. This is an ugly scar to stay forever in Baburam’s face.

3) The unprecedented hike in the price of daily commodities. Since this hypocrite took office some 11 months back, price of daily commodities has skyrocketed and this is unprecedented in the known history of Nepal. An estimate puts the price hike at the rate of more than 60% in these past 11 months. Life is just getting harder. This cocksucker is solely responsible for this exorbitant price of commodities.

I’ve always been an impartial politics-watcher. I know I’ve held Bhattarai in high esteem when he did good things and this time I’m tearing into him.


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