Nero of Nepal

Much to our chagrin, Baburam Bhattarai has turned up a real fucker after his 1 year as a prime minister. And, his party UCPN must be taking a great pleasure in selling Congress and UML out over the constitution writing turmoil some months back.

Instead of sacking tinpot Bhattarai and inviting parties to form a national government, President Ramvaran Yadav has been sitting on the fence at this time of great uncertainty which in turn has only fueled UCPN’s totalitarian ambition and pushed the country further into chaos.

President Yadav is on the verge of being labeled as Nero of Nepal if he still keeps pussyfooting.

Nepal has already paid a big price. As Nepal’s veering off rapidly towards statelessness, President Yadav is the only legit institution that can really save the day. Only thing he’s needed to do is sacking Bhattarai government and asking parties to form a new government. In case parties fail to form government, president should himself head the new government with ministers from all walks of life which will carry out the election within slated time.

Corruption and financial irregularities within this government must have reached to its unprecedented height in the absence of monitoring from the parliament and other regulatory bodies. King Gyanendra—who’s often blamed as leading the most corrupt government in history during his active rule—may look pale before this government in terms of the scale of corruption!


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