The Most Fortunate Man on Earth

When is my birthday? It’s on Bhadra 11 but I need to be reminded of it by someone else before I know ‘yes, today’s the day I first saw the world some 29 years back’. Stupid? Maybe, but I’ve been more than happy to remain oblivious to and instead be reminded of it by someone else!

Yeah, She is the one who’ve been reminding me the day and inspiring me to pay attention to one of the greatest days in my life. But, it’s really bad of me that I’ve not yet been truly honest on doing justice to Her wholesome suggestion.

But, last year, upon her prod (to celebrate the day), I’d dined out with a small posse of my friends as a celebration to my 28th birthday.

This morning too I was as unaware of Bhadra 11 as I used to be. I only knew it only when She called, texted and wished me Happy Birthday. She’s a wonderful girl, very loving and caring. Shame on me, I forget my own birthday.

For all these years after we hooked up, She’s been zooming in on my birthday every year with great ardour and zeal.  She’s beautiful both inside and out!

Thanks, gratitude and love to Her.


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