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Bhattarai: A Pseudo-Commie

Kiran, CP Gajurels, Vipluv etc. perhaps were true to label Bhattarai a revisionist, pseudo-commie.

PM Bhattarai

This picture was taken during Baburam Bhattarai’s New York visit last year for the annual UN General Assembly meeting and was later made public on his return home. This picture was made public with such alacrity and excitement from his private secretariat that as though Bhattarai had accomplished something great, as if he’d achieved a ‘remarkable feat’ by aligning with the Obamas and he wanted to show it off to his countrymen.

Commies hate America and its establishments. Actually a sort of war is in place against America and other capitalist bullies from the communist front since long. As a communist leader, Bhattarai shouldn’t have taken pride on picturing with the Obamas. Everyone knows, the world is getting more dangerous, insecure mostly because of America and the wars it started.

Well, as a visiting leader, he could meet the Obamas but it’s really not necessary to publish the photo of him standing next to a man who’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of death in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere with utmost priority and alacrity. It hurts  us. It hurts the pride of every peace, justice loving Nepali.

This picture is an indication of Bhattarai’s false profession to communism. He tarnished his image himself further with this pathetic show.  With Nepali national flag not present, this picture indicates his clear submission to imperialist American leader.


Living Among the Animals

There’s a large shrubbery next to where I’m currently residing. A lot of small birds like robins, swallows, sparrows etc. had made it their home. They would chirp, cavort and skitter around all the time. Sitting near the  shrubbery and hearing those little critters tweeter and move playfully around would get anyone delighted. I always felt heavenly pleasure to see them.

But those happy moments were only ephemeral. The poor little critters lost their beloved home and I lost a large chunk of my happiness. One day, a monster, yes a biped, cleared all those shrubs and bushes. I don’t know what prompted the animal to cut down those small trees. The shrubbery was not large enough so that the land it covered could’ve been cultivated. It’s just a whim on which that animal cut it down. Nothing else.

Now the shrubbery’s gone, I don’t know where those birds left for but I’m hurtful to watch them leave and not come back to their old abode.

Greenery, either trees or shrubbery, is rapidly vanishing from either cities, urban areas or small villages and the countryside thus endangering the survival of critters other than fucking two-footed animal. I completely believe on the Hinduism’s idea of Kalyug. It’s been said that out of the total age of Kalyug i.e. 10,000 years, only half, approx. 5,000 years has passed. But the signs of degeneration of humanity is already evident and it’s only getting more corrupt and serious.