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How Hindus are Mass-producing Christians

Well, this’s been happening for long and there’s an unprecedented upsurge in recent times. Westerners think we Hindus in Indian subcontinent are only producing poverty, corruption and different forms of discrimination based on caste, ethnicity, etc. There’s one more thing we’ve been producing, actually mass-producing, for long: Christians!

We know this is happening, more profoundly in recent times, but have seldom been serious to it. We cuss Christian missionaries with noble causes for the ‘forceful conversion’ of Hindus but we ourselves are turning our back to this patent truth, this insidious ailment which has long been ailing our Hindu society, caused by no other than we Hindus ourselves. Discrimination based on caste, it seems, has taken its damaging toll on Hinduism seemingly irrevocably.

I’ve two Christian friends from so called Dalit backgrounds: one belongs to Jehovah’s Witnesses and the other is a member of Church of God – a Christian sect founded in Korea. Majority of their church attendees are so called Dalits; the rests are Janajatis. All cheerful and showing amazing level of discipline and polished manner. How poor they were previously, they couldn’t even exercise their basic human rights in their former societies. For thousands of years they kept tolerating it – maybe hoping someday the tide will turn; they kept waiting for this inhuman discrimination to be over. Don’t you salute their unwavering patience for all those years?

Now they have found their perfect refuge where there’s no discrimination, deprivation, ethnocentrism, ghettoisation, stigmatization and so forth. Can we suppose they’re now living in some sort of, if not perfect and complete, happiness there?

Perhaps they could be licking their wounds inflicted by Hindu degenerates in a richly decorated and brightly lit yet tranquil hall of their church.