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Snubbed Avatar

Avatar was overrated. Yes, It was. Why every James Cameron movie has got to be nominated for Oscars? I think, Academy Award members are obsessed with him and other some handful of filmmakers who hold sway over the Hollywood and not to mention,they disregard any criticisms of those ‘big guys’. Avatar was simply a sci-fi 3D movie relied heavily on CGI. And, We’ve already experienced much more state-of-the-art graphics (CGI?) on some classic movies decades ago (have you watched 2001: The Space Odyssey, a 1968 sci-fi?). They were far more high-tech than ‘Avatar’ in their time when there was no such technology as today’s. It was much hyped that Avatar was shoot with specially designed cameras and used the most advanced cinematography ever. Does it make ‘eligible’ for Oscars? It’s touted, Avatar took Cameron almost 13 years to finish ( It’s said, he actually had thought about making Avatar even before Titanic!). Yes, I concede, Avatar was one of much waited movies ever in film history. But, does it only make Cameron and his so called ‘opus’ right candidates for Academy Awards? What about the story/plot? A man ventures into a new world where ‘his love is waiting for him”. It’s not different in any terms from other average Hollywood ventures. Yeah, plot was formula type. Moreover, It has portrayed American hegemony (say, imperialism) in a larger and more agressive scale. America has not spared even remote peaceful planet from it’s dirty claws of imperialism and barbarism. It already all but destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan (It’s two cities), and dunno how many other will perish within America’s imperialism in coming days until it fades away to NOTHING and that’s for sure, for China is rising. In the film, It’s shown it’s bloody visage to Pandora, a planet of Na’vi in peace and harmony. America invades there and almost destroys it (but only to get routed later!). That’s it, Cameron ‘executes’ American imperialism in Avatar in a more profound way.

Poor Cameron, It seems, he is no longer in the coterie of those ‘big guys’!

Much exact to my speculation and anticipation, Avatar got snubbed in the Oscars (It lost to a low budge war drama ‘The Hurt Locker’). Actually, I was for ‘District 9’, directed by Peter Jackson’s apprentice Neil Blomkamp for Best Picture award but It bagged none. But, the way Avatar was snubbed in the Oscars proves at least a fact that sci-fi genre just can’t get along with Academy Awards no matter how much billions they rake in. Avatar faced the same fate as Star Wars, E.T. etc had faced earlier. Even hundreds of million worth of stunning CGI can never win over human emotion, this is what the history of 82 years of Academy Awards has contended. Oscars is often for low budget drama, who could dispute this?!

Let’s assume, had Avatar not been a sci-fi heavily relied on stunning CGI, Cameron would have hold sway over this year’s Academy Awards. The only fault of Avatar  was being a sci-fi.

The self-proclaimed ‘King of the World’ will learn from the ‘mistake’ of Avatar?