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Akon’s New Album?!

Well, I found it in TPB and Demonoid. Wait is finally over. Actually, it’s said that it’s actually not album but ”mixtape”. The album ‘Stadium’ has not yet released but is scheduled to hit the store this summer.

Akon, African-American R&B singer and producer of Senegalese descent, had last released his album Freedom in 2008. ‘Stadium’ will be a hit or not, it’s to be seen. Already released ‘Party Animal’ is not that good, though.

Akon is my fave.

The Game is also releasing his new album (I think it’s R.E.D., though not sure) in the first week of this June. L.A.X. was a great hit.

As mininova’s gone, I’ve started visiting Demonoid lately. But Demonoid is slower and not that ‘big’. TPB is now the only big left after the demise of mininova. Mininova was such a wonderful place and I always miss it.


Picture of the Day: Emaciated 50 Cent


                  (Picture from

Is this guy really, once brawny, 50 Cent? It’s amazing. I was sort of riveted as I saw the rapper in MSN Messenger Today. Title reads: 50 Cent downgrades to 10 Cent. writes, he downgraded his weight from 214 to 160 pounds for his upcoming film "Things Fall Apart”.

I never watched his ”Before I Self Destruct” though I’ve this movie downloaded in my old PC. Generally, I download movies and watch them on DVD (I hardly visit local video parlors because they only sell either Cam, TS, Screener or other nuked rips). It’s already been months and I was really thinking to see the movie but ‘time’ never came. Been just bumming around. Been a real dosser……I wonder, I would have never felt ‘bothered’ to watch ‘The Lovely Bones‘ were it not from Peter Jackson.

I even shared the movie with some of my friends and they said they didn’t like the movie. I still have more than a dozen recent movies such as: Alice, The Wolfman, and classics such as: The Silence of the Lambs, Saving Private Ryan etc. left unseen. Just a few days ago, I’d watched Fight Club, a 1999 trendsetter (Edward Norton is one of my faves), but couldn’t finish. I had to pack it in as my friends intruded the drawing room. Man, whenever I sit to see a movie, I get interrupted. I also didn’t finish watching ”Shutter Island” for the same cause. I don’t know whether I watch these too-meandering-and-difficult-to-understand flicks again, but I’m missing them and want to see them as early as possible. May be because I’m not a serious moviegoer, I found those movies too complex to get hold of. Do they demand repeated viewings (to apprehend wholly)?

The Best Song Ever

What’s the definition of best? Well, it varies. Something and one best for a person could just be working for another. Time is crucial. In general, particular things at particular time become the best.

This song, फूलको दिलमा पनि आगो हुँदोरै’छ… , I listened in a particular state so it’s been immortalized in me and I consider it the best song I’ve ever listened. Before that state and time, it really didn’t appeal me. But after an incident, I call it ”Rauniyar Case”, it then went to be catchy and soothing as well. It helped me soothe when I was languishing in pain. Till date, I’m listening it and whenever I go worse and she’s not around, I find solace in it.

This — sung by Narendra Pyaasi, a renowned singer —  is the BEST SONG ever. Everything is best in the song. This is a perfect piece of his singing forte.

My Music Chart

I’m compiling my music list after ‘ages’.

Long after years, this evening I heard songs from Nabin K. Bhattarai‘s blockbuster albums ‘Abhash‘ and ‘Samjhana‘ on a ’emergency lantern’ with built-in cassette player. There was no power and I was relying for my study (exams are looming) on the device. This invoked past memories of my teen heydays when I was a real fanatic for his music and nearly didn’t miss any of his concerts and other musical performances. I think, he mostly has sung tragic songs rather than love ones. Actually, I was so disturbed over her remark the night before yesterday and has been tensed. I was tearful. Her disbelief about me upsets me so much; I just can’t put in words, I wish I could. Lantern  went dim and I thought of ransacking a drawer where the audio cassettes–bought years ago, are stored. I really loved the music despite the lantern’s poor sound output.

I never bought any of his albums after ‘Nabin’. His music involvements since then are only sporadic.

Aabhash and Samjhana are his biggest albums ever, I think. I don’t think any other Nepali pop album could parallel these two.

I’m not an enthusiastic music-lover. It’s just a sort of luxury, not really an essential. I love books more than music.

Sultry Lady Gaga is up for nothing else but sex. Her raunchy music videos explicitly suggest sex. "Telephone” is just too much. Why she’s so sensually obsessed?!

These are the songs I often listen lately:

1. Keep You Much Longer                Akon (Freedom)

2. We Don’t Care                                  Akon (Freedom)

3. Get A Life                                           Lil Wayne (Rebirth)

4. Camera Phone                                
The Game ft. Ne-Yo

5. Rocking That Shit                          The Dream ft. Rick Ross, Fabolous, Ludacris etc.

6. See You In My Nightmare           Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne (808 and Heartbreak)

7. Amazing                                             Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy

8.  ताल बन्थ्यो हेर..                                  अन्जु पन्त                                

9.  21 Guns                                              Green Day (21st Century Breakdown)

10. रुवाए साराले                                        रामजी खाँड र मुना थापा

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, though not as much good as Tha Carter III, is one of my faves lately. Now he’s incarcerated for more than a year-long term. Why it’s ‘must’ for a rapper in America to involve in drug abuse, violence and sex abuses? Blacks are demeaning themselves with these abuses.

Song That Foresaw Dec. 15

Dear Diary, I must make an apology that I left you unwritten for weeks. You missed me? Don’t get mad at me, for you know I’m troubled (always) and was also tangled with some family affairs which obviously kept me from writing on you. Whenever I sit in front of my workstation; Dear Diary, you’re always the foremost priority.

Dear Diary, I’ve some big news to tell you. My bro is getting married this Fagun. We’re also celebrating our grand Kool-Pooja which happens once in every 4 years.


My Musical Side

It was some 22/23 years ago, I recall the day (it was around the dusk) when dad brought in home our first National Panasonic radio cassette recorder. Though, we already had a radio transistor from the same company, the newly bought machine had a significant attraction and charm among us. I remember, how buoyantly I was staring at and fondling that new ”wonder”. Although, audio cassette technology was invented circa ’60s and thence gained momentum in later years until ’90s when CD came to hit the market, we only came to possess our first cassette recorder several years after. It was not a boom box, but a 1980’s National with a single-sided speaker–yet it was one of the most common models of early ’80s. Invention of audio cassettes and recorders brought upheaval in music field. The recorder no doubt boosted my aural desire, i.e. MUSIC!!!

We kept using the recorder for almost 2 decades. Now, the recorder is defunct, some of its parts are missing and is locked in a drawer. We never bought another recorder again. I didn’t want to throw it away. It has now become a vintage antique.

I listened hundreds of folk songs in my early days on the recorder. Dad was avid (and picky as well) listener of folk songs and he nearly didn’t miss any chartbuster album. Hari Devi Koirala, Prem Raja Mahat, Bam Bahadur Karki, Krishna Sudha Dhungana, Bima Kumari Dura etc. were the prominent folk figures of that time. I quite much was acquainted with their rhythmic vocal thanks to the great National recorder! Pop music was still not widely recognized, or say, it was in its pristine and primitive state.

Gone are the days when I used to buy every new album of Nabin K. Bhattarai, Cobweb, Robin and Looza, Mukti and Revival. Friends were amazed at my avidity and fanaticism for their music esp. Nabin K. Bhattarai and Cobweb’s.

The last Nepali pop song I listened was Dambar Nepali’s ”तर अन्तिमपल्ट भेट्न आऊ”, in my last Kathmandu visit while traveling by a micro-bus. Don’t you think that song bode Dec. 15 i.e.’the apocalypse’? *going serious and taking a hiatus*… In later years, pop music in Nepal has become something like a cheap game, which everyone could play even if they don’t know how to. Mvids of Nepali pop songs are just wastes. Since some years, modern and folk music genres have taken lead in the commercial race leaving pop music far behind. They are most common in CRBTs.

I’m a great fan of Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B music. I was an avid listener of Tupac, Snoop Dogg and now my avidity has shifted also onto Akon, T.I., R. Kelly, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Kanye West etc…What you say when a white speaks words of a rap? White rappers may have been frowned upon in music field initially by some, but no longer, for Eminem already broke the tradition most significantly which is said to be of Blacks only.

And yet, I’m not so much onto listening music. Like sex, music could also be taken as luxury, not an essential thing.

Beautiful TWO

I find this song really worthy and beautiful to listen to. A typical Nepali ‘Jhyaaure’ folk song; I consider, this might be one of the very few masterpieces of famous folk singer and musician Narayan Rayamajhi. Aspiring Bishnu Majhi has performed as a songstress in this duet.

हाँसेर बोलिदेऊ माया यसैगरी भेट कहिले हुन्छ र

And another one, this English song by The Dream is pleasantly slow. Mvid is also great. I’ve been enjoying these two songs quite for some days.

My Love – The Dream

My Music List

  1.  Dead and Gone                                                                T.I. ft. JT (Paper Trail)
  2.  Me and My Girlfriend                                               2pac
  3.  Day Dreaming                                                                 DJ Drama ft. Akon, Snoop Dogg, T.I.
  4.  Red magic                                                                         The Game ft. Lil Wayne
  5.  I’m at war                                                                           Sean kingston ft. Lil Wayne

Prince Harry came with his newly-owned acer Laptop this morning and stayed for hours with me. The Notebook was sent by his bro who is in Malaysia (or Dubai? I forgot). He is still a rookie in computer stuffs and I was really envious of his laptop. Using laptop has always been a want which is just impossible with mere earnings of some thousands per month herein Nepal. Whatever…my bro is also heading abroad. Let’s see.. ha ha ha ha. I helped him in installing software.