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Going Broadband

UTL was the best. In fact, it still is. But it couldn’t cater no more to my growing appetite for faster Internet. So had to opt for some other ISP and eventually ended up with 2mbps line from Gandaki Communication, previously Fewa Net, the oldest ISP in Pokhara.

Money matters but speed is always alluring.

Dashain has arrived. Happy Dashain to all!!!


End of BitTorrent?

Now, one of the largest BitTorrent files indexing sites, bit the dust after a few weeks of’s closure.

I was like not believing at all at first. It came more as dejection than a surprise or shock.

It was not long ago when the authorities brought then most popular down.

TPB changed its top level domain from .com to .se as it’s struggling to keep up after its founders were busted. Demonoid, Kickasstorrents etc. also did same earlier.

Authorities are cracking down on file sharing sites mainly BitTorrent sites in such a speed and scale that future of BitTorrent protocol seems rather bleak. And it’s getting all those who profess free Internet on edge already.

What Bram Cohen might be thinking seeing his brainchild being hunted down and hemmed in?

Wikipedia was right to campaign against so called anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA in America.

Internet must remain free. This holds more meaning and importance especially to those from poorer parts of the world who rely on free contents on Internet.

Goodbye Btjunkie for now but we greatly hope you’ll be back soon. Rest in peace!

How UTL is the Best ISP in Nepal

Until a year ago I was using Internet from Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd., a local Internet service provider (ISP), at 1,180 Rs. a month with a bandwidth of 128kbps. Though the service was somewhat improved and satisfying as they shifted from cable to wireless, frequent technical problems (regarding the connection) were still rife. Later, they grew increasingly grouchy to slightly overdue payment, too.

1,200 Rs. a month for a mediocre connection? That was a total rip-off. I thought I was ponying up way too much for a service that was not really worth it.

And last year I goodbyed Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd. (shortly Pinet) after nearly 6 years with them. I was one of the original subscribers at Pinet. By the time I ditched it, there were not more than 60 active users.

Later I was suggested by a friend to instead use UTL’s Internet service through its CDMA data card. Initially hesitated, I gave it a shot and till today I’m married to it!

565 Rs. a month for a connection of 128kbps? WTF. UTL Nepal is cheapest and probably the best ISP in Nepal. Technical hitches are almost not felt and even if such hitches occur, they’re fixed within minutes. You cannot get such a good yet budget service with unlimited downloads/uploads from any ISP in Nepal, can you? Even after a year in this rapidly evolving tech- age, a 128kbps connection still costs more than 1,000 Rs. at most ISPs. That’s a daylight robbery.

A few months back I’d read a newspaper report on dwindling business of ISPs in the face of marauding entry of big telecom companies such as Nepal Telecom, UTL and Ncell into the Internet market. These telecom companies with reach almost all over Nepal are eating away at the ISP’s share of Internet market. Many of such ISPs are going out of business and closing down.

Unlimited 128kbps connection at just 565 Rs. UTL rocks!

Why Wikipedia Sucks

Because it’s been partisan, biased, bluntly inclined to and serving the rotting West and its evil purposes.

You may have already noticed it if you’ve visited Wikipedia pages about communist things. There’re a hell of disparaging remarks/materials against communist states and personalities such as: Cuba, China, Lenin, Stalin and other Soviet and Chinese leaders. It has also been critical of those who’re against the fucking West. Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez etc. are some of them.

Besides that, there’re a lot of derogatory and deprecating remarks on the so called ‘third world’- related materials, too.

Instead of dishing out the facts, Wikipedia is acting as a mere tool of the West to disseminate its malign interests.

Jimmy Wales may have revolutionized the way we use the Internet, but he may not know how his brain-child has already slipped into the hands of white motherfuckers.

Or, he himself is overseeing this orchestration?! God knows.

Quote of the Day

”If households nowadays want a computer, it is not to compute, but to go on the Web.”

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Internet.

(source:, world’s first website)

Roar of Twitter

Are you registered for Twitter account?

Social networking site Twitter has been gaining momentum and instead of twittering, it now starts ‘roaring’. 😀

Most recently, it (Twitter) helped stoke up series of protests led by defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mousavi against the establishment of Iranian clerics after the allegedly rigged June 12 election.

Sarah Palin first announced her resignation plan through Twitter. She
currently has more than 0.8 million followers in the site.

Etc. Etc.

Now, Twitter rules the web. It might also be one of the most mentioned
words on the web in recent days. I also could not keep myself from
experiencing the much talked social networking site and got registered
some months back.

But how many of Nepalis use this unique invention of online communication?
So far, very few. Not anyone of my friends’ circle use this social
utility, actually they are not much aware of it. All they know to do on
Internet is, sign into messengers, Facebook, Hi5 and do chit-chats. Ridiculous!  I
also searched HER, but found she has not yet registered there. Without
trying to indulge in it more, from the very next day of my registration, I stopped using it. I’ve no followers nor am I following any, but just loved to register their after being informed much about it. And after months, today I made my elder
bro also register in Twitter. But I bet he too won’t go long with it. Honestly, I still don’t know much of ideas and tips of using Twitter. What things do I have so I could post/express them on Twitter? I hardly have any to express in not more than 140 characters.

My account is still intact, though!

I never signed up for any social networking sites such as, Facebook, Myspace etc.  But about Twitter, I was ‘compelled’ to register for mostly by Yahoo! and TIME.

What Do I Do On The Internet?

I’ve no specific purpose of using the Internet.

Like others, I’ve just been another cog in the machine of this immense cyberspace (for some years). It’s only some years back, Internet became more accessible to the commoners in Nepal. In my early days in the Internet, I was quite fanatic of this recent introduction and nearly didn’t miss any of the cybercafes herein Pokhara. At that time, Internet fee was largely higher, approx. 40 Rs. per hour which now is reduced to mere 15/20 Rs.

When I was a sophomore at Lamachaur college, an Internet-cafe had just opened (might be the first in our area) and we happened to be regular there (we had our own coterie which comprises Yagya, Surya, Yam, Tirtha and I; which lasted until we retired from the college for higher education). Instead of chatting stupid at a nearby tea-shop, in early days we shifted to the cubicles of the cafe, for at least an hour a day. But the  costly Internet fee soon bankrupted us and we made our eventual return back to that ramshackle tea-shop : puffing in hazy atmosphere of slightly dark room, talking bulls and taking our afternoon ‘dose’ of tea and other snack items. Though we didn’t stop ‘gracing’ the cafe thereafter too. Once the ramshackle tea shop has now become a well-organized refurbished restaurant. Time has changed a lot since then. Human has been a mere spectator of the play of time and its consequences.We separated and walked out from the coterie once talked all over the college about forever. Whenever I visit Lamachaur, a kind of feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me especially at a glimpse of the very restaurant.

In the fall of 2005, we finally got connected to the Internet via a local ISP, Pokhara-I-Net (Pinet). My frequent visit to cybercafes was then put to full rest. Internet proved to be a great assistant to my study (I’m majoring on civil engineering).

Online chat has always been a most appreciated aspect of the Internet. I think, the biggest ‘achievement’ of my IMing is a meeting with HER. And also, I used to be one of the most vibrant users in some of ICQ chat rooms.

After becoming closer to HER and falling in love; I gradually lost interest on new people on the web and IMing was restricted only within a circle of close friends. Meeting her online often at night became an inseparable part of my Internet-life. She rekindled my hopes and motivations.

Now, I rarely do IMs. Most of the time, I spend visiting websites. They are : (my yahoo, omg, music, movies, green, buzz and news) (only for movie reviews) (for domestic political gossips) (movie releases info) (for Nepal weekly) etc.

Besides these and emailing (I’ve actually no any friend who emails me regularly, SHE’s been the only one), I also visit civil engineering related websites and spend considerable time on downloading music videos (I’ve a good collection of high quality videos numbering hundreds), movies, e-books and e-magazines. My own diary on Windows Live Space is the one I visit most. I think, I visited HER blog on Windows Live Space for more than 2 times a day before she deleted it…I even tried visiting some of agony aunts’ sites in the vain hope of seeking solace through counsel in recent months.

After the tragedy, as being listless and lethargic, I now see no purpose to remain stuck to the costly Internet and have decided to close the service soon. 1,500 Rs. per month is not a small amount. It could be used for other essential household purposes.