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The Most Hated Woman on Earth

Go to any American sites (such as Yahoo! etc.) and read comments on articles about Kim Kardashian and it’ll dawn in no time on you that which woman could possibly be the most spurned.

Kim Kardashian is probably the most hated woman not only among 300 million American commoners but among other nationals as well.

No more words on this degenerate. Go and read yourself  those comments on this whore!


तीजको लहर आयो बरी लै

Well, Teej is looming up. I never know why a public holiday is not declared for Teej. But one can hardly argue with the fact that Teej is one of the few most popular – loved by the common people – festivals in Nepal. 

How could I stay aside from the raging festive mood of Teej?!

I couldn’t. Cast the gender thing aside. Teej has already become ‘asexual’. It’s no longer the fiesta of so called the weaker sex only.

So, lately I’m on some Teej music and also on Watch the Throne, the latest collaboration of Jay-Z and Kanye West.

PS Actually I enjoy better at home in Teej than I do in behemoths like Dashain and Tihar. Family get-together has never been better in other occasions than during Teej.

Punish Them!

Football, the beautiful game, is one of the few games (only?) in Nepal that has been ‘beautiful’ both by earning and career. There has been many instances of players from other sports decamping their team and hiding in foreign soil during their foreign tour  in order to work and earn more than they could with their games in Nepal.

It’s often blamed that low pay and little incentives are the major causes of poor performance of Nepali athletes in international stages as they’re said to struggle to make a living with their meager sporting earning.

But, this doesn’t apply to football. No football player has ever run away.

It’s because football ensures you a good amount of cash (yes, that’s crucial for living) if you’re with good clubs. And, there are already many such clubs both from A and B divisions and even from C etc. Playing from reputed clubs in Nepal makes you at least a millionaire within a few years.  Sponsorships, advertisements, chances to play from foreign clubs etc. are some rare advantages for a football player (from any division) to cash in on. 

So, despite making the handsome money that athletes of other sports can only dream of, why those f**king footballers are not performing better?

The recent ignominious defeat of Nepali football team from the Jordanians ( 0 –9) speaks something of players’ side, not of so called less training time, foreign pitch or the state’s apathy towards its sporting sector.

That is, those squad of players are entirely responsible for this humiliating defeat. They deserve punishment. Yes, they do for their deed of national humiliation.  No more ‘white elephants’.

Punish them. Then, get them retired. Hire entirely a new squad of aspiring footballers. Give them little incentives and pay so they could barely make a living. May be this could help a little in future.

STOP funding the state money for the football and ANFA. Fund instead on other sports which are ‘neglected’ or poorly attended. Nepal may well keep its pride at least unhurt if not upheld with those games in international arenas in future!

The Best Sitcom

The era of melodramatic and boy-meets-girl sort of TV serials seems to be gone. Now, situation comedies lead the idiot box. They’re quick and astute to reflect the mood of society and thus becoming popular.

Among them, I think Jire Khursani (जीरे खुर्सानी) stands out as the best. With the legions of senior and experienced actors such as: Shivahari Paudyal, Kiran KC, Sabita Gurung, Rajaram Paudel and talented, young man Jitu Nepal, Jire Khursani is the only sitcom to present its actors in their best. They all act so perfectly that the sitcom looks so real and live and that’s the best part of it.

Jire Khursani is also good at the skillful use of phrases and idioms.

Actually, I don’t like Jitu Nepal’s acting much but I praise him for his innovative concepts as the co-director of the sitcom.

Hat off to the great team of Jire Khursani.

              (Picture source: elsewhere on the web)

Blockbuster Friends and Two and a Half-Man (starring Charlie Sheen) are some of the foreign sitcoms I watch.

I place Meri Bassai (मेरी बास्सै), another popular sitcom, at no. 2. The sitcom’s bucolic portrayal epitomizes the Nepali countryside. And, it deserves accolades for giving the true picture of countryside in a very beautiful way. Despite new faces in its lead roles, it is one of the few best comedic series. Characters are live. But, I don’t like Shurbir Pundit much. Once and still a sole hero of countless radio dramas, his indulgence in visual world has not reaped as much fame as in the radio.

And, Tito Satya (तीतो सत्य) and so on…

ठ्याक्कै गिरिजा

याद गर्नुभएको छ, कान्तिपुर टिभीको ‘लगन जुर्ला जस्तो छ’ हाँस्यश्रृङ्खलाको एउटा पात्र ठ्याक्कै गिरिजा कोईरालाझैं लाग्छन् । यति दुरुस्त रुप-रंग मैलै अहिलेसम्म देखेको थिईनँ । कस्तो अनौठो !

यसपालिको दशैं संयम (भानिज)ले रमाईलो बनायो । दशैं बिदाभरि ऊ हामीसँगै रह्यो । खोइ किन, मामाघर भनेपछि ऊ हुरुक्क हुन्छ । स्वभावत: केटाकेटीको लागि मामाघर प्यारो हुन्छ नै । म सोच्दछु, यदि ऊ नहुँदो हो त यसचोटिको दशैं कति शून्य हुन्थ्यो होला, बाबा-आमा अनि हामी दाजुभाई मात्र !

The Cutest Wall-E

He’s so cute. He’s the cutest animation character I’ve seen. Wall-E! He really beats Sid.


However, I watched Wall-E long after its release, just some months ago.

Really Gorgeous

This woman could be one of the beautiful women I’ve seen. She’s in Jamaican singer Sean Kingston‘s ‘Take You There’ video.