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What is beautiful?

This is beautiful. The cluster of two small buildings (recently built after devastating quake of 2072 BS). You can see women basking in the morning sun. An overhead pigeon nest stands facing the buildings. A small tiered altar with holy basil planted on it in the left corner. And, a patch of greens in the foreground.

There is one thing missing in the description above. The stone wall that surrounds and supports the front yard of the cluster. The wall though not very magnificent didn’t take long to earn my admiration upon the first sight. Viewed a few meters away and a lower position from the wall in the morning autumn sun, the beauty of it then suddenly became prominent and admirable.

The stone wall

(Taken on 17th Oct. 2018)


Wonderful Venezuela

Maybe Venezuela’s famous more for its leftist anti-US president Hugo Chavez and lately also for the cheapest- in- the- world petroleum price, a meagre 9 cent for a gallon, for its people.

This Angel Falls, world’s tallest waterfall for its uninterrupted plunge at more than 900m, and the accompanying Tepuis, also called ‘table top mountains’ for their shape, in Venezuela is probably one of the few most awe-inspiring natural wonders on planet earth. Visiting this wonder is a far off thing for me but for now picture itself is enough to feel the vibe and grandiosity of it.


     (Angel Falls in Venezuela.  Picture taken from    and some infos are borrowed from elsewhere on the web.)

The Best Cartoon

Cartoon speaks itself. Brevity is a character of cartoons. So I ain’t gonna ‘taint’ this cartoon, from Rabin Sayami and published on Nagarik Daily (Well, I hate this paper) some months back, with my words on why I labeled it ‘the best’. Pictorial depiction is a staple of cartoons, so be it:


                               (Cartoon taken from Nagarik Daily’s site)

How Kids are Bigger than Adults

Because they play Deusi-Vailo in Tihar, assemble ‘Pings’ (i.e. swings) during major festivals Dashain and Tihar etc. which adults don’t.

They’ve been keeping the very characters of our festivals alive which adults have been failing to do. Adults rather prefer holing up somewhere spending all day either boozing, playing cards, wagering, sitting in front of the boob tube or simply bumming around. Widespread apathy towards the long-practiced traditions among these folks is letting many of cultural and authentic characters of our festivals die away.

But, kids are the savior! They’ve been keeping the staple characters of our festivals going even in the midst of fading traditional values.

Let’s give these dinky little guys a slap on the back.

A ‘Rare’ Mention of Nepal

Where  rampant poverty is the only thing Nepal has been notorious and mentioned for in international stages, this ‘rare’ mention of Nepali fauna on Wikipedia page at the same time may  provide a respite from the perpetual humiliation:

Hyena in Nepal's Zoo 

(I actually was searching Wikipedia for ‘The Lion King’, one of the best films of all time, and bumped into this Hyena page. In the hand-drawn movie of 1994, this carnivore has been portrayed as a secondary antagonist. )

The Best Film Of 2009

It’s been long, I’ve lost communication with her. Her remembrances are just getting worse. Dunno, when she turns up. No one, not even she, knows how I’ve been subsisting on her every single word scribbled either in email, SMS (long ago) or instant-message. This is utter ridiculous, people might laugh at me. But I DON’T CARE. F**K THEM ALL. No one knows, and again not even she, how much inspiration she could be to me, to help calm me. Let alone the love I hold, for it’s already been largely overshadowed by some of my own stupid acts I performed as I plummeted into complete madness in the aftermath of the ‘apocalypse’. Now, I’m paying the price of what I did. It’s so distressing. I could do nothing but repenting contritely. But, there’s no one to understand. There’s hardly anyone who could understand in what circumstance I was made to act. It’s so sad.

The Worst Cinema Experience

I even didn’t know Titanic’s titan and Terminator’s talent James Cameron’s much hyped sci-fi epic ‘Avatar‘ was already on local theatre. The Obamas also watched this blockbuster during their Christmas holiday in Hawaii. My cousins in Kathmandu told me they already watched it. How could I be an exception! Anticipating a great movie experience, this noon, after years, I went to a local theatre in Tersapatti. But I was left quite disappointed soon after seconds I entered the hall. I know, our poorly managed theatres lack technology to exploit this 3D state-of-the-art movie with it’s full taste. But still, I had hoped some decent 2D screening…….Damn it, the show was so poor that I nearly left the hall even before the film concludes. Audio was dubbed with Hindi voice, picture was so blurred and darkened. Sound system was so raucous and piercing that sometimes I had to close my ears to avoid being inflicted hard with it.  All my expectations met a sharp downturn. I wasted time and money for NOTHING. I somehow spent nearly two and half hours and I must say, plot was of formula type but CGI so marvellous.

I think, Avatar might not win the Academy Award for best picture or director or actor but I’m sure It could win the award for it’s high-tech visual effects and CGI.

Film distributors in Nepal could have imported a good print of it, if not original. This way, a good film is tainted so badly. I don’t know, how is the screening of this movie on cinemas in Kathmandu. But here in Pokhara, we really lack good theatres, good enough for Hollywood movies so we could enjoy the movies with full taste.

I would watch this movie on DVD (I wonder when do I have my first Blu-ray player!) if I keep managing surviving this life.

After years, I went to theatre and I met nothing but a very bad movie experience.

The Best Movie

I’m a great fan of adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, thrill, epic genre movies. I hate films with romantic, horror, dramatic plots and it might be the cause why I’ve not yet watched Titanic, the most successful film in movie history. I despise women characters in movies regardless of their acts and roles and avoid those flicks where they have lead or more important roles if possible. I watch movie not for drama but for some real adventures and actions cos I think, drama is all fake and that just can’t attract me no matter how well the actors act. I know, adventures and actions are also fake and they are heavily relied on CGI these days, but at least they provide me some real thrills and excitements. I hate reading fiction but love them on movies. I also love Indiana Jones movies. Michael Bay’s large-budgeted action flicks always fascinate me.

No matter how well Avatar, Up In The Air etc. are doing their business, But I think I consider District 9, directed by rookie Neil Blomkamp, the BEST MOVIE OF 2009 from my side. Though, District 9 is not listed anywhere among the top films of gone year, I think it deserves a great appreciation to a great extent. This sci-fi doesn’t only depict the strange insect-like aliens and their weird slum but also is there a sad story of emotional wrench of a fellow Wikus. I loved this movie so much that I think I’ve watched it for more than 4 times and downloaded several DVD ripped copies of it. Some critics tried to ridicule it calling it a ”documentary”, whereas most of the critics reacted positively. I remember a critic saying, ”Blomkamp has shown, aliens are not only made of steel or unknown metal and they always don’t hold superpower. They could be far less developed than humans.”

Moreover, District 9 tells more about wrench and suffering of a man than of alien affairs; a rare sci-fi to keep human emotion in centre.

Upcoming Disaster

‘Once Upon a Time in a Small City of Nepal, Pokhara, There Was a Beautiful Lake Called Fewa…’

It’s not my assumption/speculation only. The ongoing developments could be taken as omen of the situation I’ve mentioned just above. 

I’d had a boating in Fewa Lake on July 5, with my bro. Day was too sunny and scorching. I had visited there after a long interval of time. When I reached and had a look at the lake, I was left astonished, you know. Actually, lake was about to be covered by water-weeds.  Almost all areas were prone to those weeds floating everywhere so densely that sometimes it takes a lot of labor for boatmen to sail through them. Such scene made me wonder about its future which would surely be disastrous  if the concerned authorities keep turning deaf ears to the problems facing by this wonder. For now, the major problem of lake is densely growing water-weeds which has covered almost all of it’s area.

Uncontrolled constructions around the lake squeezing the area; disposal of household wastes into the lake etc. are other major problems it’s been facing. And also, water level is being reduced every year due to large-scale flooding in rainy days. I know, there are hundreds of NGOs working for the ‘conservation efforts’ of the Lake. But I felt that day that none of them is doing their work for it’s conservation. Actually, they are draining millions of dollars from the donors and fulfilling their own tummies in the name of conservation. This sucks.

Corruption is rampant everywhere and lack of conservation of this beautiful treasure will surely leads the lake to a disaster and it seems it’s not that far too.