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The Foulest Creature that Ever Walked the Earth

Well I never wanted to write this post. Actually I kept deferring it for a long time. You forgive and wait to see things improve only when you’ve a choice. But what if when you’re left with no choice and someone keeps transgressing the bounds of indecency, deception, betrayal etc.?

Maybe he’s my brother (by blood) but I hate calling him so as he’s not worth it. Was he ever a sane man? I doubt.

Sorry, I was no good either.


Living Among the Animals

There’s a large shrubbery next to where I’m currently residing. A lot of small birds like robins, swallows, sparrows etc. had made it their home. They would chirp, cavort and skitter around all the time. Sitting near the  shrubbery and hearing those little critters tweeter and move playfully around would get anyone delighted. I always felt heavenly pleasure to see them.

But those happy moments were only ephemeral. The poor little critters lost their beloved home and I lost a large chunk of my happiness. One day, a monster, yes a biped, cleared all those shrubs and bushes. I don’t know what prompted the animal to cut down those small trees. The shrubbery was not large enough so that the land it covered could’ve been cultivated. It’s just a whim on which that animal cut it down. Nothing else.

Now the shrubbery’s gone, I don’t know where those birds left for but I’m hurtful to watch them leave and not come back to their old abode.

Greenery, either trees or shrubbery, is rapidly vanishing from either cities, urban areas or small villages and the countryside thus endangering the survival of critters other than fucking two-footed animal. I completely believe on the Hinduism’s idea of Kalyug. It’s been said that out of the total age of Kalyug i.e. 10,000 years, only half, approx. 5,000 years has passed. But the signs of degeneration of humanity is already evident and it’s only getting more corrupt and serious.

Precognitive Ability of My Dreams

Saw one of my elder uncles on last nite dream and this morning I got a phone call that he’s ill so had to hospitalize.

I had a very detailed dream about him and its incredible that I never had a dream of him before.

This is just one instance. I already have a lot of such dreams come true either within days or weeks or even months.

I’m a man with precognitive abilities? I daresay I’m!


Well, Dinesh Dai wedded on Jestha 22 in a small, hastily arranged gathering at a Shiva temple in Aanboo Khaireni. The bride’s from Patechaur, Gorkha and is a head teacher at a lower-secondary school.

No guests were invited except for a small no of close kin. Dinesh dai himself opted for a small, informal gathering for nuptials rather than large, ostentatious ceremony.


Congratulations Dinesh Dai and Happy Conjugal Life!!! With Best Wishes…

PS The Shiva temple in Aanboo Khaireni is quite a beautiful and peaceful place. It’s on the bank of Marsyangdi river just off the confluence of Marsyangdi and Daraudi. With a lot of shade, spaces and greenery, this temple is a perfect respite from the hectic bazaar life.

Mr. Backstreetboy: How I Learned to Hate People and Admire Myself

Well, loadshedding, oil crisis, price hike and other burning ills are no longer the topics of discussions. Authorities have already stopped talking about these issues. Add to this people’s mysterious tolerance and apathy and one wakes up to a bitter fact that Nepalese are growing dangerously blasé and tolerant about these long-troubling ills.

This certainly doesn’t bode well, does it?

Waffling on newspapers or debating at a glittering studio of a TV channel over these issues is one thing and doing something really demanding is another. I’m suggesting here that people should take out to streets to protest authorities’ apathy and maladministration. Is this not yet enough to make you revolt?

Wait, people won’t revolt. They rather prefer chanting slogans for a political party than protesting for a common goal. Nepalese are big fuckers. Bad gives birth to bad. All these political degenerates born among us. They’re not Lunarmen, nor Martians, are they?

So, people share the blame. But I don’t. I’m not among these people. I ain’t corrupt like these people are.

In essence, I only am good, all others are bad.

I’ve not meet a single man who’s good among thousands I acquainted with.  People are morally bankrupt, short of their conscience and are rather ready to trade their morals for a dime.

With no basic amenities at our disposal, daily life in this rotting country among people bereft of conscience is getting impossible and there’s no sign that coming years will be any better. I’ve finally given up my xenophobic attitude and have decided to immigrate (emigrate?) to another country. Let’s see what comes next…

[PS Title of this post is inspired (a parody?) from the 1964 dark comedy ‘Dr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ by legendary Stanley Kubrick. I mostly like his meticulous attention to details in films. Full Metal Jacket, Barry Lyndon and The Shining are my faves from the auteur’s oeuvre.]

I’m a Gifted Psychic?

Well, I quite much think I can sense things before they happen. Most of the things I had premonition of have all materialized, each within a few days span. No goofing around. It can’t always be a fluke. It can’t always be a coincidence. Can it?

It’s astounding. I get amazed myself. And what about weird dreams? They have been a regular occurrence. Are zany dreams a sign of me achieving the miraculous power of clairvoyance?

It’s been 15 years rapper 2pac was shot dead. Well, I had a very bizarre dream about the Hip Hop icon some days ago. A band of young people were chanting slogans and celebrating his death anniversary. All Blacks and coloured. They visited people’s houses and asked for donations to a fund dedicated to the rapper.

I was told off and threatened for calling him 2pac!

They wanted me to call him Makaveli. The rapper adopted this moniker during the final days of his short, troubled life. They forced me to call him Makaveli and I was not in position to resist.

Well, that’s just a dream. But they are so vivid and intense that they make impact on me. They get me influenced. They get me thinking!

I can’t help feeling myself as a clairvoyant of some sort now.  A lot of things that I thought of have materialized. I, only I know it and it’s better rather to be mute (about it) than be expressive as these kind of things are inexplicable. Logic isn’t much welcomed into the realm of psychic powers!

Being in a Funk

After a long joyful time, I’m now wishing I had never been born!

Man is really miserable. His survival, his happiness or sadness are always at the mercy of the fate. I’m now slowly coming to terms with this fatalistic yet true belief.