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Why FIFA World Cup Title is Beyond the Reach of the Runt

Croatia didn’t lose the Final. It was not France even. It was FIFA which defeated Croatia because FIFA simply doesn’t want any other country except rich, big and powerful take hold of the 18-carat gold trophy.

France never deserved the win. The free kick and penalty awarded to France were not what they were supposed to be. Last year’s corruption scandal at FIFA, resignation of Blatter and the eventual election of Infantino as the honcho speaks volume about the dynamics of collusion and conspiracy going on around such big and important events as World Cup.

Croatians victimized. It’s as clear as the broad daylight. Sadly, this Croatian defeat doesn’t bode well for other similar aspiring nations. This carefully orchestrated ‘Croatian Defeat 2018’ spells the end of hope of winning the title ever for any other underdog or runt out there.

Football is the poor’s game. Ordinary, common people’s game. All those running, jumping, sweating, falling over, tripping,  and injuries: the rich don’t like it. But why it is always the powerful and rich to take home the WC trophy?

Lately we’ve been seeing multiracial European teams. Blacks have dominated European football now but Europe has never been a black continent, has it? It’s easy for the rich to buy up the poor for their own comfort and petty benefits. This grotesque act of buying and selling of the poor is hidden beneath the veil of ‘encouraged immigration’.

Someone has said somewhere, ”If you think Blacks are physically more robust and fast, then you’re opening a door to a very racist and lopsided idea that Whites are innately more intelligent and reasonable.”

Very rightly said.


Bhattarai: A Pseudo-Commie

Kiran, CP Gajurels, Vipluv etc. perhaps were true to label Bhattarai a revisionist, pseudo-commie.

PM Bhattarai

This picture was taken during Baburam Bhattarai’s New York visit last year for the annual UN General Assembly meeting and was later made public on his return home. This picture was made public with such alacrity and excitement from his private secretariat that as though Bhattarai had accomplished something great, as if he’d achieved a ‘remarkable feat’ by aligning with the Obamas and he wanted to show it off to his countrymen.

Commies hate America and its establishments. Actually a sort of war is in place against America and other capitalist bullies from the communist front since long. As a communist leader, Bhattarai shouldn’t have taken pride on picturing with the Obamas. Everyone knows, the world is getting more dangerous, insecure mostly because of America and the wars it started.

Well, as a visiting leader, he could meet the Obamas but it’s really not necessary to publish the photo of him standing next to a man who’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of death in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere with utmost priority and alacrity. It hurts  us. It hurts the pride of every peace, justice loving Nepali.

This picture is an indication of Bhattarai’s false profession to communism. He tarnished his image himself further with this pathetic show.  With Nepali national flag not present, this picture indicates his clear submission to imperialist American leader.

Nero of Nepal

Much to our chagrin, Baburam Bhattarai has turned up a real fucker after his 1 year as a prime minister. And, his party UCPN must be taking a great pleasure in selling Congress and UML out over the constitution writing turmoil some months back.

Instead of sacking tinpot Bhattarai and inviting parties to form a national government, President Ramvaran Yadav has been sitting on the fence at this time of great uncertainty which in turn has only fueled UCPN’s totalitarian ambition and pushed the country further into chaos.

President Yadav is on the verge of being labeled as Nero of Nepal if he still keeps pussyfooting.

Nepal has already paid a big price. As Nepal’s veering off rapidly towards statelessness, President Yadav is the only legit institution that can really save the day. Only thing he’s needed to do is sacking Bhattarai government and asking parties to form a new government. In case parties fail to form government, president should himself head the new government with ministers from all walks of life which will carry out the election within slated time.

Corruption and financial irregularities within this government must have reached to its unprecedented height in the absence of monitoring from the parliament and other regulatory bodies. King Gyanendra—who’s often blamed as leading the most corrupt government in history during his active rule—may look pale before this government in terms of the scale of corruption!

A Bitch, a Dickhead and a Bunch of Lapdogs

What on earth could be the reason that Indian PM Manmohan Singh didn’t visit India’s northern neighbour , yes that’s we, despite being two-time prime minister which’s marked by his globetrotting tenure? Maybe the bunch of lapdogs here in Nepal are to blame for this very uneven exchange of high level visits esp. when in a mere 2 years Nepal’s president and prime ministers both have visited India for several times while none from India visited Nepal.

Foreign relation is practiced on equal basis no matter of size, influence etc. But this has not been the case on Indo-Nepal relation. It’s long been the norm for Indian leaders and bureaucrats to treat Nepal with very low regard.

Well, faithful lapdogs of Indian establishment in Kathmandu may share the bigger blame. But the fact of Manmohan Singh and his master the old hag Soniya Gandhi not visiting Nepal while they’re on globetrotting spree for all these years really jabs into any Nepali’s patriotic heart.

China is only some inches away from becoming the superpower, yet its prime minister Wen Jiabao, paid a formal visit to Nepal just few months ago. There’s been a few high level visits from Chinese side in the last decade. Such as then Chinese Preisdent Jiyang Jemin (sorry, I don’t know correct spelling of him) had visited Nepal on 2001. But there’s not a single visit from Indian presidents or prime ministers for past 15 years.What the hell these imperious turban-clad dickhead and that old bitch think of themselves? They think they’re too special to make it to Nepal?!

This shows their arrant disregard and insult to us. This is disgusting, you know. We Nepalese should be boycotting these dickhead and bitch and prohibiting from visiting Nepal ever in future. Let’s do it.

Well, we are good when one-term Indian prime minister doesn’t consider visiting Nepal. But this dickhead is two-time prime minister yet he’s not considered visiting Nepal. This is DISGUSTING. GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU OLD DICKHEAD!

This dickhead must be fucking that old Italian hag hard for these 8 years.

How Baburam Turned Out a Real Fucker

Baburam Bhattarai did a lot of good things. He still is better among other crooked political thugs esp. for his economic agendas/vision.

But he turned out a real motherfucker on these three things of late:

1) The decision to provide state-funded facilities including residence, vehicle, security guards, fuel, private secretariat etc. to former top-job holders such as former prime ministers, ministers, judges etc. These fucking, amoral so called top-job holders only know how to make money by gobbling all the state resources up while they’re in office and also their tenure last no more than a few months, how could they be ‘eligible’ for lifetime facilities funded from the poor taxpayers’ money?! This is just outrageous. Baburam, go suck off your own dick.

2) Government’s failure to provide much-needed chemical fertilizer to peasants in this rice-planting time.This is a naked show of gross disregard and maladministration from Baburam Bhattarai’s government to the plight of farmers and peasants. Nothing from Bhattarai’s government will ever compensate for this loss. This is an ugly scar to stay forever in Baburam’s face.

3) The unprecedented hike in the price of daily commodities. Since this hypocrite took office some 11 months back, price of daily commodities has skyrocketed and this is unprecedented in the known history of Nepal. An estimate puts the price hike at the rate of more than 60% in these past 11 months. Life is just getting harder. This cocksucker is solely responsible for this exorbitant price of commodities.

I’ve always been an impartial politics-watcher. I know I’ve held Bhattarai in high esteem when he did good things and this time I’m tearing into him.

No More Licking the Wounds?

Political parties (criminal gangs?) are failing and are already losing the little-left trust of the commoners. Yet, chances are still not high for King Gyanendra to return to the throne. It was all because of his blunders, not other outer causes, that he had to abdicate.

He’s already spent years licking his wounds, maybe waiting for the public contempt to wind down. How fortunate this crestfallen dude finally is!  Now time has arrived to such a point where public antagonism against him is record-low whereas it’s at its highest against political cocksuckers. He now could capitalize on this favourable time to amass further public support. Increasing public gatherings during his tours very much prove this. It’s not happening just out of curiosity or sentiment, it’s a real show of support to the former monarch.


Nepalese may have been regretting their decision of dethroning their king 6 years back?!

Let’s wait and see what’ll be of the future. But for now its time to celebrate this unfortunate royalty’s 66th birthday as today is Ashar 23.

Happy 66th Birthday Your Majesty!!!

Baburam’s Descent into ‘Disgrace’: Really?

Time has come for Baburam Bhattarai to leave the job?! May be resignation is now more relevant than (his) persistence as a prime minister as he’s completely failed to do what he had promised at the time of his election (as prime minister). Need no other reasons?

Wait,  I don’t completely renounce my belief on him yet. I still like to keep tabs on him for some more time before assessing his previously much- extolled prime ministerial tenure.

I was drawn mainly by his economic agendas. His profession of economic prosperity as a chief prerequisite for a country to thrive and maintain nationalism and sovereignty was what appealed me.

To date, he’s still the only politician in Nepal who talks of economic development as a prerequisite for a country to thrive and who puts the economic agendas at the forefront of his priorities. That’s what appealed me most. He sounds more economic than political.

To be concise, he’s growing increasingly inconsistent in his words and deeds.

It’s not that there is someone better to replace him. Probably, Baburam Bhattarai was the last good leader of his generation. This is a hard time. But inconsistencies between his words and deeds are eclipsing his relevance (as a premier).

His interview with Rabindra Mishra of BBC Nepali Service a few weeks after he took up office first made me cast doubt on his commitment. In that interview, Bhattarai, unlike before, lacked eloquence. He was ambivalent in his replies and was also digressing from the questions. That was the first occasion that got me doubtful on him.

What has been left (of Maoists) now?! Nothing. They turned out to be big liars, a shame. Assessing the half decade since their landing into peaceful politics in 2063 B.S., one can well reach to a conclusion that Maoists are in no sense better than rotten Congress and UML.

Well, I’m not gonna waste more words on these dirty Maoists cocksuckers. They’re not even worth the foulest swearing.