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Long Spell of Hibernation

Well, returning after a long spell of absence has its own charms and singularities too. This, this very blog, was my refuge built in the most depressing and blackened times and it is where I would find solace and comfort (from? I know you know).

I’ve moved on, I don’t say quite far ahead, but have also yet to find a clear road ahead. I’m, however, sure for one thing: I’d continue spilling myself onto these pages anew. The hibernation is not completely done with but it won’t be long before I start clacking (the keyboard) prolifically!


तिहारको शुभकामना

तिहार शुरु भईसकेको छ . सबैमा तिहारको शुभकामना !!!

Pushing the Envelope of Vulgarity

Kishore Nepal of Nagarik Daily thinks he’s been doing a decent job as editor-in-chief of raunchy weekly Shukrabar? Maybe this poor little old man might have read one or two of Playboy magazines in his youth and perhaps had jerked off too while drooling over the pictures of women in the buff. So he wanted a Nepali version of it. Maybe even more.

Kishore Nepal’s dirty tabloid Shukrabar is what demonstrates the sign of degeneration of Nepali media and society altogether. Go grab it from the nearby kiosk and you cannot help but acknowledge that it’s not only raunchy, but far dirtier than any men’s magazine is possible such as Playboy. No monitoring, no censorship. It’s an etiquette that breast nipples are not shown in nude pictures unless otherwise. Shukrabar is neither a R-rated tabloid nor a magazine like Playboy, yet it’s been churning out such pictures even without nipples obscured. Why’re the fucking Information Ministry and other regulatory bodies condoning such vulgarity in media?! Poor we, we ourselves are happy wallowing in the decadence of our degenerated mind and society.


I sleep for not more than four hours. When one is riddled with problems, a good night sleep becomes a far off thing. It’s said, an adult must sleep at least for 6 hours. But it’s been a long while I’m short on that minimum regimen. No problem.

How Does a Train Look Like?

Have you seen a train?! Maybe only on films, TVs etc., not in real life unless you’ve visited abroad or at least India.

It’s been more than 150 years since the first passenger train came to operation in Europe. Now the railway is a major means of transportation all around the world. Yet, we Nepalis are nowhere near using the train for our daily travel even after this long.

The only railway in Nepal, dilapidated Janakpur Railway, is more a demonstration than for a real purpose.  Moreover, it covers only a few area (in Terai). And it’s not even operating—it’s already been long– because of mismanagement and corruption.

Well, constructing railroad in our mostly rugged hills and mountains is certainly difficult and it demands a lot of technical expertise and budget. It’s beyond our tiny, fledgling economy. But it could have been constructed at least in the plains of Terai with ease. Connecting the whole Terai from east to west with the railway could have been a major achievement towards national development. Travel would be faster and much cheaper than by bus and air as railway is the cheapest (and also relatively safer) means of land transportation.

I’ve heard Baburam Bhattarai government is spending a good sum of money for railway development in the new budget. If so, let’s give a big clap to Mr. Bhattarai!

Why Charging a Mobile Takes a Whole Day in Pokhara

Pokhara is only good for viewing mountains and peering in awe deep down into the wonder of Seti river gorge.

Not good for living despite its best and temperate climate.

Because electricity is never regular here. It’s always been intermittent except for load-shedding months. You can hardly have a few hours with steady power supply in Pokhara in rainy months when, ironically, load-shedding is supposed to come to naught.

Because of this irregular and intermittent supply of electricity, there’s always chances of damaged electrical/electronics equipments and other home appliances. What if I sue fucking NEA as some of my equipments have been partially or completely damaged (cos of this irregular power supply)?!

NEA motherfuckers in Pokhara must have been behind this.

Happy New Year!!!

May this New Year bring peace, prosperity and happiness to everyone. Happy New Year 2069!!!

Why Loadshedding in Nepal is an Engineered Lie

Extended hours of power outage in early Push?! This is bull. This ‘loadshedding’ thing is rather a carefully engineered chicanery to deceive people and halt the development of clean energy i.e. hydropower.

Secret organisations and energy mafias which are against clean energy like hydropower and instead want to sell other means of energy like petroleum, batteries, inverters, generators etc. are behind this collusion for years.

These secret organisations and mafias are controlling the government and its institutions and have been successful to deceive people in selling their interests. Their perpetual excuse of ‘decreasing water level in rivers’ which they cook up every time they extend power outage hours is a blunt lie yet people are so gullible that they believe everything they’re told. Nepalese are suckers!

Last year, there was 14 hours of power outage a day. Authorities have projected up to 19 hours a day for this year. PM Baburam Bhattarai was the first to make this projection public. Why there’s 5 hours of more loadshedding this year?! Because there’s an increase of consumption of electricity this year?! Bullshit. There’s been a mass exodus of people mainly youths who’re the biggest consumer of fuel and energy, to foreign countries for education and work and remaining factories are either shut down or only operate for few hours. NEA has no answer. It would be believable if loadshedding hours were increased slightly this year, not by whopping 5 hours. So, this all seems to be a clear fabrication. A charade. A downright deception.

Loadshedding in Nepal is not a usual, inevitable occurrence. I don’t swallow this lie. It’s rather an engineered, deliberate deception. But when poor, gullible Nepalis are going to wake?

Life in Nepal is getting increasingly harder. You have money yet you can’t afford the basic amenities such as oil, electricity, water supply, good roads etc. How pathetic!

No political, judicial or bureaucratic motherfuckers are going to make any difference. Much expected Maoists turned out to be nothing but big cocksuckers. Bigger than rotting NC and UML. This cursed land is destined to be cursed forever. I’m ashamed of being a Nepali now.