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The Other Side of the Coin

I call it not army integration but forced assimilation (of Maoists combatants into thuggish Nepal Army). 7-point agreement was in big part a flawed concept if not entirely.

And I already bid R.I.P. (I could have opted for an euphemism such as so long etc.?) to those heroic combatants.

While Baburam Bhattarai is being attacked from all around over the formation of jumbo cabinet, the other side of the coin is largely ignored and it’s pathetic. People are forgetting the fact that Mr. Bhattarai is being pivotal in forging consensus among the long-divided major political parties of late. For a moment, it seems, major parties have now shed their past animosities and agreed to work to advance peace and constitution writing process. Long-stalled talks and dialogues between the major political parties have now resumed and Baluwatar is being frequented with meetings. The peace process has finally taken a course. The 7-point agreement struck on Kartik 15, (Nov. 1) could be defined as a hard-earned result of Mr. Bhattarai’s relentless efforts towards national consensus.

There are pretty good chances that Mr. Bhattarai’s prime ministerial tenure will be successful, notwithstanding uncooperation from backstabber Prachanda and disgruntled Kiran faction. It’s an open secret that Prachanda realizes his ascendance only on the decline of Baburam.

Yes, PM Bhattarai can’t be a decisive figure in the decision making among the parties. But, as a prime minister, he’s been playing a major role in bringing them together, creating a favorable environment and brokering the processes.

For a moment, it seems as if Mr. Bhattarai has now shifted his attention from populist trivial matters such as: his use of Mustang Max, flying economy class, Hello Sarkar etc. to more serious issues . And, it’s good.

Since the election of Constituent Assembly, there had been dire lack of trust and co-operation among the parties and it was proving detrimental to peace and constitution writing process. All 3 previous prime ministers failed to work towards the consensus.

There should always be a balanced approach. Those who’re hitting out at Mr. Bhattarai should also try peering into the other side of the coin. Why hesitate to commend good works of one?!

He may have done something unwanted, whether upon pressure or something else, but he now has done enough to make anyone regret their criticism (of him).

To put in a nutshell, Mr. Bhattarai has already recouped his ‘lost’ popularity.


Why Wikipedia Sucks

Because it’s been partisan, biased, bluntly inclined to and serving the rotting West and its evil purposes.

You may have already noticed it if you’ve visited Wikipedia pages about communist things. There’re a hell of disparaging remarks/materials against communist states and personalities such as: Cuba, China, Lenin, Stalin and other Soviet and Chinese leaders. It has also been critical of those who’re against the fucking West. Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez etc. are some of them.

Besides that, there’re a lot of derogatory and deprecating remarks on the so called ‘third world’- related materials, too.

Instead of dishing out the facts, Wikipedia is acting as a mere tool of the West to disseminate its malign interests.

Jimmy Wales may have revolutionized the way we use the Internet, but he may not know how his brain-child has already slipped into the hands of white motherfuckers.

Or, he himself is overseeing this orchestration?! God knows.

Why Choppers are only for Humans

Well, look at the picture below and you’ll figure it out in a jiffy! The spacious chopper ‘didn’t accommodate’ this poor pachyderm.

This is bad. The animal must have suffered as it was, with its limbs tied, dangling from a rope tied to a flying chopper meters-high. Though it’s been said that the rhinoceros was sedated and suffered no ill- effect, it was bad transporting such large critter that way. A large cargo chopper could well accommodate a rhino. Come on, it was not an elephant. Or, road transport could have been a better option.

Butchery and atrocity is another job of so called conservationists?


               (Picture taken from one of Yahoo! sites and more could be found here.)

‘Disgraced’ Baburam and Saddened Gorkha

While Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah was the leader and architect behind the unification of then divided Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai could be considered as a chief architect of all those changes that foresee Nepal’s transition from its impoverished present into democratic, prosperous future if things go as hoped.

Both of these statesmen are from Gorkha district, the origin of modern Nepal. So, Gorkhali people regard these men as their treasure and hold them in very high esteem. Actually, Baburam Bhattarai had even surpassed Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah in terms of admiration and popularity in recent years. Mr. Bhattarai eventually replaced Prithvi Narayan Shah to become apparently the sole pride of Gorkha as people no longer held respect for kings including Prithvi Narayan Shah after the abolition of monarchy in 2063.

It’s a sad thing that Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah is now all but forgotten in his own homeland.

But now it seems as though Gokhamen were too naïve to believe Baburam Bhattarai would always uphold the pride of Gorkha.

Mr. Bhattarai is now disgraced to some extent. His recent actions of forming the bloated Cabinet which is the largest in Nepal’s history has largely dented his reputation among Gokhamen who elected him with record 46,000+ popular votes in last Constituent Assembly Election. He earned notoriety I think mostly because of his gratuitously jumbo Cabinet than of Balkrishna Dhungel scandal as this scandal has long been a disputed debate since the Supreme Court’s verdict on it some years back and it’s Maoist party’s decision to beg Ramvaran Yadav for pardon, not Bhattarai’s own.

We Gorkhamen are very much shocked at Mr. Bhattarai’s decision of forming such bloated Cabinet. It’s in stark contrast to his own ideals of austere measures and frugality. The stain he put on himself can hardly be compensated no matter what. He’s not only disgraced himself but also has brought an indelible shame to us, we Gorkhamen. He made himself notorious for ever by heading the largest Cabinet ever in history.

How can we Gorkhamen calm ourselves when one of our most respected idols chooses himself to be among the like of notorious politicos Sher Bahadur Deuba and Madhav Kumar Nepal?! These two disgraced politicians are also credited for forming large Cabinets during their prime ministerial tenure.

Well, just this morning, Mr. Bhattarai spoke out about these two unpopular decisions and tried to justify and wind down the debate. I actually waited before I made any derogatory comment here as I was not entirely believing what he did and not yet ready to comment, so was waiting for him to return from Maldives and speak out to us the truth behind these irksome decisions.

So, I still believe intellect Mr. Bhattarai knows what’s right and wrong. I can’t help counting on him and his professed ideals!

He has already committed an irreparable mistake. Nonetheless, he can make up for it if he could bring a little respite to the hard-hit public and ongoing peace and constitution writing process to a conclusion. Good luck Mr. Bhattarai!

Why Kiran is and will Always be Right

Well, after all those hubbub for years, an agreement to Maoist combatants’ integration into butcher Nepal Army has been struck and Kiran, Maoist senior vice-chairman, was as usually quick to cry foul. 

I know he’s right and I sort of like him now for the stance he’s been taking on this issue.

We all know the decade-long civil war ended in stalemate. Neither of the warring parties won the war. The state (then seven parties) and the rebel (Maoists) then agreed to bring an end to the bloody insurrection. If one acknowledges this fact, then they should not hesitate in any way to treat Maoist’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) as a parallel force to that of butcher Nepal Army.

But the scenario is quite contrasting. These glorious, gallant combatants have since been witnessing very humiliating remarks and scorn from all around soon they rolled into the cantonments 5 years ago as if they’re a defeated force. Given the gallant resistance of nascent, not-well-trained and poorly-equipped Maoist guerilla force against the well-equipped and large state security forces for all those violent years, one can easily deduce it was no less than a win for Maoist combatants while a downright defeat for the state security forces. With the truce reached between the state and Maoists in 2063, the past was not only forgiven for its acrimony but also was sadly forgotten for its beautifulness. The jingoism, gallantry and valour of Maoist combatants was the beautiful aspect of otherwise the bland and bloody past.

And the recent army integration deal has undermined this very fact. The truce never meant almost-defeated Nepal Army would enjoy high hand over integration issue. The deal treats PLA not as a parallel force to fucking Nepal Army but as a defeated one that’s been forced to live apparently at the mercy of the state and its army.

During the signing of the true, it was said Nepal Army would shed its old feudal character and undergo democratization process and then a national army would be formed with (the integration of) PLA. But nothing has been done in this regard. Nepal Army is still feudal, monolithic and not under the control of civilian government. Democratization of old feudal Nepal Army was also as equally important aspect of the peace process as the integration of PLA. But this very truth has been brushed aside by the political motherf*ckers from Maoists, NC and UML in favour of ‘denouncing’ the PLA.

To put it simple: Integration should’ve been based on equal basis such as: 2+2=4, where 4 is a new national army formed after the integration of both armies i.e. 2s. Not on 3+1=4, where 3 represents Nepal Army.

I don’t doubt on the noble intention of Baburam Bhattarai. He knows what’s best for the future. But Maoist honcho Prachanda is no good. I always smell the catch every time this cocksucker makes a deal.

Kiran may not succeed in nullifying this agreement as it has already gained a warm approval among the ‘blinded’ public. But it’s always better for him to keep fighting for what he deems is right. I’m not entirely against this deal but Kiran is also damn right for his disapproval.

Condolences to brave Maoists combatants. R.I.P.