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The illest Motherf**kers Alive

I now think I was wrong to expect Kiran to be a next chairman of Maoist after Prachanda.

After witnessing all these machinations he and his f*cking henchmen Badal, CP Gajurel, Deb Gurung, Netra Bikram Chund etc. colluding against the government of their own party and PM Baburam Bhattarai, one can easily make an opinion that Kiran and his goons have proved themselves nothing but as traitors, back-stabbers, treacherous, betrayers and the illest mothef**kers alive. 

Recent protest programs and secret conspiracies of Kiran and his gang against the fledgling government and PM Bhattarai has unmasked the devil that was long hidden, until now, under the cloak of ‘simple and ascetic’ lifestyle of him and his goons. No other plots could be as grave and traitorous as this one where people plot against their own institution, government. Now causes of all the impasses lie on these traitors. These are the same hoodlums who have been preventing the peace process, who’ve been keeping the government from carrying out its day-to-day tasks and implementations.

Enough now. Prachanda and Mr. Bhattarai, please either get these thugs punished for their treachery or get them ousted entirely from the party. Maoist party will always be better off with these motherf**kers kicked out.

Baburam Bhattarai seldom fails on his own. He may fail only because of others. It’s gruesome that the machinations are being connived up to make him fail.


Dos and Don’ts for PM Bhattarai in New York

Ever since Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai unveiled his email address( to public, I was thinking to dish out some dos and don’ts to him as he was to attend the UN annual convention in New York.

And I think my suggestions share the view of a large portion of Nepalese populace. I want PM Bhattarai to:

1) Support and vote (if to) in favour of Palestinians bid for statehood if presented.

2) Not recognize the West-backed Libyan rebels’ so called ‘National Transitional Authority’ as the representative of Libya.

We only have some thousands Nepalese working in butcher Israel so it wouldn’t be a big problem to manage them if Israel, let’s assume, goes hostile. And about Libya, we already evacuated all Nepalese laborers since the fighting ensued between Qaddafi and western-backed rebels. It’s righteous for Palestinians to work on the statehood and Libya’s gun wielding mobs are not sanctioned by the people. They’re the thugs happy to be fed with ‘leftovers’ from the rotting West.

Cuba already severed ties with Libyan thugs and I hope our communist prime minister also does the same.

Drake and I are Chums!

Well, one of my friends looks same as Drake, the US rapper. I think I’ve already mentioned him in previous entries some years back. He’s Vola Subedi, lives in Pokhara, is in his mid 30s and married and has a child of 4. Everytime I watch Drake videos on VH1 or computer, I can’t help picturing Mr. Subedi. He’s not as tall and hunky as Drake (how many are there in Nepal who’re 6’ tall?!) but his countenance looks incredibly same as the newbie African-American hip-hoper.

Not convinced yet? Come Pokhara-16 and gawk him in person!

Ahmadinejad in Nepal!

Surprised? Don’t. Iranian President Mohammad Ahmadinejad, famous for his rhetoric against Israel and the West, may never make a visit to Nepal. Iran and Nepal don’t have closer ties, they’re not big business partners and so on, so exchange of high-level visits is rather an implausible idea.

But, we already have had famous Mr. Ahmadinejad in our country!

Yes, Nepalese incarnation of Mr. Ahmadinejad i.e. Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai! Mr. Ahmadinejad is probably most famous for not wearing necktie because he thinks it carries Western values and imperialistic spirit. Mr. Bhattarai also doesn’t wear necktie. And that’s the reason I drew parallel between him and Mr. Ahmadinejad.

Mr. Bhattarai might have worn tie once during his Japan trip as then finance minister some years back. But after his election as prime minister, I’ve not seen him wear tie even on formal occasions.

 Mohammad Ahmadinejad  baburam_bhattarai_minister

(Iranian Prez Ahmadinejad and Baburam Bhattarai. Pics from elsewhere on the Web)

I don’t know what Bhattarai thinks about tie as he has not opened up yet but I know his views can’t be much different from those of Iranian strongman.

And I so much love Mr. Bhattarai’s idea of shunning necktie. Besides being the symbol of rotting Western culture and imperialism, tie is generally perceived as a ‘ornament’ of rich, affluent and people from higher class. In Nepal, how many people actually are there who’re in position to wear and flaunt the necktie?! Cast aside the poor children in private schools. Tie-wearing demographics is very small. Most of us subsist and live on meagre earning and we really never wear tie. We’re not that richer and prosperous yet so that we can flaunt the sleek necktie. May be Mr. Bhattarai knows this so he opted for tieless shirt and jacket.

Dunno if Bhattarai can keep his promise to not wear tie on international stages too. But for now, he’s won heart of millions of Nepalese. And, yes, I’m one of them!

Spelling out the Apes’ Abstruse Denouement

Planet of the Apes (2001)         (Captured with jetVideo)

Like all those Apes fans, I also was left scratching my head over the oracular ending of Tim Burton’s 2001 reboot of Planet of the Apes. Yes, for a long time until I finally hunted down the coherent solution thanks to

Here goes the most relevant, logical explanation so far:

First a note on time travel. You must just accept the fact that the radioactive tome storm is a crazy time travel zone which spits people out into any random time depending on the needs of the screenwriter.

Here is the sequence of events as they actually happened in real time:
1) Pericles the ape heads into radioactive storm and gets stuck.

2) Davidson (Marky Mark) follows him into the storm and gets stuck.

3) The research ship follows Davidson into the storm as well.

4) The research ship emerges from the storm circa. 100 AD and crash lands on a deserted planet that is NOT Earth. (One can tell that it is not earth by the surrounding planets one sees when Davidson’s ship approaches it.)

5) The apes on the research ship were genetically altered (mentioned in an opening scene) so they are better equipped for survival on the deserted planet. Led by Semos (one of the research monkeys) the apes lead a revolt against the human space people and escape.

6) 2000 years later, the research apes have evolved and now rule the planet and use the descendants of the original humans as slaves. They also regard Semos as a god-like savior figure who will someday return to the planet to free them all.

7) At about this time, Davidson’s ship finally emerges from the radioactive time storm and he lands on the planet.

8) Here is where the main body of the film takes place.

9) Near the end of the film, Pericles finally emerges from the radioactive time storm.

10) The apes assume that Pericles is actually Semos so they all bow down and start to worship him.

11) General Thade, however decides to try and kill Davidson and Pericles, but instead gets captured by Davidson.

12) Davidson takes off away from the planet and enters the radioactive storm where he again gets stuck.

13) While Davidson is stuck in the storm, general Thade learns all about space travel by studying the crashed mothership AND the crashed space pod. He decides to take off from the planet and go after Davidson.

14) General Thade enters the time storm and emerges before Davidson does.

15) Thade arrives on Earth where he organizes a revolt against the humans. The Apes soon become masters of Earth. In honor of their general, they change the Abe Lincoln memorial to honor General Thade (the inscription on the memorial reads something like "in honor of General Thade who liberated the planet for the Apes")

16) FINALLY Davidson emerges from the time storm and lands on Earth only to find that Apes are now in control of the planet.

(Written by Konky2000 and copied from

PS It could also be possible that General Thade could also have harnessed the crashed pod of Leo Davidson as he was told about it by his two aides whom he later kills apparently to keep it ‘secret’.

Why Baburam Bhattarai is Better Still

Well, he already has earned acclaim and adulation from people which other leaders of his contemporary can only dream of. 

But, there’s an almost not- talked character of him which I think is no less important than other talked aspects of his exalted personality. To put it simple: He speaks in pure Nepali language. I’ve not found a single instance of him speak with English words jumbled up in Nepali speech (except for special occasions where other languages are required other than Nepali). While not only his contemporaries but the majority of Nepalese people speak with the jumble of English and Nepali terms, his act of speaking only in pure Nepali tongue may seem queer but it indeed is great and inspiring. He speaks in pure Nepali language and his choice of words, diction, the manner of articulation and also the dressing habit resemble that of the people from lower social class. Perhaps this is the reason why he sometimes is dismissed and discounted among the people of higher class. 

Despite being a Ph.D., distinguished scholar and well versed in English language too, his long-held commitment to only use our national language is unprecedented and not to mention awe-inspiring. I take my hat off to this great leader once again!

Nepali language and its purity is being gravely endangered because of overwhelming ‘invasion’ of English language in our everyday life. In this dark and desolate scenario, Mr. Bhattarai has something glaring to fend off this desolation, i.e. his unflinching love to his mother tongue!

Caesar, You’re my Hero!

Yes, they’re ‘’lousy human bastards’’ as you yelled at the brutality of humans on animals. Zira, Cornelious and Dr. Zias were so true to say that humans know nothing but malevolence and destruction.

‘’Lousy human bastards’’. Caesar (simian protagonist from the Planet of the Apes franchise) lets his repressed feeling burst out with this infamous phrase. Yes, and it’s been reverberating in my mind since. Caesar, you’re not just a mute character of French novelist Pierre Boulle’s infamous opus Planet of the Apes but a true revolutionary that revolts, reminds the humans what’s love, compassion and brotherhood and also foretells the future destruction of human race.

I’m already becoming more of a misanthropic and Caesar, you stand as a hero for me!